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Fairfax Luxmoore

Luxmoore's Garden
Fairfax - or Fuff as he is universally known - was born on 17th July 1940 to Annette Luxmoore (nee Pugh, later Lawford) and Wing-Commander Arthur Luxmoore. Arthur was killed over Belgium in 1941. Annette married Patrick Lawford in 1944 and Herry (1945) and Piers (1947) became his half-brothers.

Fuff went to St Ronan's, where he was an fine athlete, then to Charterhouse where he excelled at hockey, and therafter to Cirencester, where he was extremely popular.

In 1961, Fuff and two friends drove a Jaguar from England all the way to India via Iran and Afghanistan. They sold it in India and Fuff continued on to Australia by ship, arriving in Perth. From there he rode a motorbike all the way across the Nullaboor Plain to the east coast, finally ending up in New Zealand.

In 1963 Fuff married Belinda Roberts from Thirsk, Yorkshire and they lived at Castell Howell, an arable and sheep farm near Newquay in Wales. They had two children, Jessica (1965) and Justin (1967).

Belinda ('Bin') was a superb cook as well as an accomplished swimmer and skiier and used to take parties of skiiers on Ski Club of Great Britain outings. Fuff skiied too, and they often visited Engleberg with Bin's cousin Dominic Thompson.

Castell Howell was built up into a holiday centre with a riding school, squash courts and a swimming pool. The farm was sold following their divorce. Bin went on to run a fine hotel at Minmore, Glenlivet, but sadly died in 1995.

Fuff married Dilys Von Tromp in 1986 and together they ran an inn in the village of Kelmscott.

Coryndon was born in 1989 - and in 2008 married Charmaine. They have a daughter Sinead, born in August 2008.

Fuff remarried in July 2008 - Lucy Allen, a music teacher in London - and they live in Plymouth. Lucy has three children - Camilla, Hugh and Ralph.

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