Monday, February 26, 2018

Pol and Poppet and the Getty's, Kate O'Brien and the Thomas's and Johns

Watching the film, 'All The Money In The World' about John Paul Getty and the kidnapping of his grandson in Rome, I was reminded of how one finds oneself on the outer fringes of history sometimes, usually through people that one knows.

We are slightly connected to the story through Pol and Poppet Pol who were old friends of my parents and who I stayed with in the South of France and who Prue and I rented from (with Sally Wilson-Young).
Sally, Anette, Patrick and Prue in Pol and Poppet's garden in Ramatuelle
Pol’s daughter Talitha married John Paul Getty Jr, one of the sons of Paul Getty (‘The Richest Man in the World’) and it was his son (from a previous marriage) who was kidnapped in Rome in 1973. 

I briefly met their son Tara at Pol and Poppet’s - he is now a conservationist in Africa - and I have also been to Sutton Place where Paul Getty (the old man) lived. The other odd connection is though Kate, (our friend and Kei's nanny who died last year). She looked after Tara for Pol and Poppet in the 1970s when Talitha was in Morocco leading a wild hippie life with the likes of Mick Jagger - (look at Wikipedia for just how wild before I met her. 

Llewellyn and Kate

I have also recently met one of Augusts John's sons, Tristan De Vere Cole, who was brought up among the families at Freyern - the Johns, the Macnamara's and the Thomas's - and probably met Kate when she was the girlfriend of Llewellyn Thomas. 

Tristan de Vere Cole with Ann Stow