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Friends 1990s onwards

Martin's summer lunch 1994. This lunch was held more or less continuously since 1974. Left to right, standing: Di Gibb, Geoff Spawton, Chris Gibb, Annie May (Spawton), Will Martin, Anthony Provest, Julian Pearson , Sandra Wake, Nick Duke, Herry, Mike Lawford, Peter Cartwright, Pauline Provest, Sheila Proffit, Jane Lovell, Ian Hay, Richard Lovell, Erica Hay, Val Pile.
Front row: Anna-Maria Pearson, Charlie Madge, Terry Porter, Wendy Cartwright, Ayako, Penny Lawford, Sally Wilson-Young, Prue, Belinda Martin
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Anne-Marie and Iain Attwell
Julian and Quenelda Avery
Alex Adnams
Sam and Claudia Bartosik (Sam died 2008)
Tony and Susan Bird
Patrick Bateman
Prof Yvonne Baatz
Nigel and Susannah Bateman
Cmdr Tim and Sally Boycott
Charles and Katsuko Buckeridge (Charles died 1996)
Bill and Nik Birch Reynardson (Nik died 1997)
Tom and Imogen Birch Reynardson
Carol Bowhill
Indira and Jagdish Baveja
Rita Bettancourt
Suzanne Bettley
Radhika and Gopika Baveja
Iain and Gopika Fraser (Gopika died 2009)
Susie Barnes
Anne Boitard
Suzie Bartel
Caro Brewster
Patrick and Angela Bruce-Gardyne
Jagdish Bhavarni
Mike and Cordelia Burgess
Janie Christmas
Peter Crittle
Penny Crittle (died 2004)
John Collard
Richard Courtauld
Nicky and Tom Carter (Nicky died 1994)
Hugh and Rosie Carless
Tim and Libby Cocks
Peter and Wendy Cartwright
Richard and Lilli Cartwright
Penny Cenci di Bello
Sarah and Martin Couzens
Nigel Carden
Terence and Claire Coghlin
Robin Colenso
Chantal Cornet
Helen Cooke
Paul and Lulu Cooke
Cdre Johnny and Henrietta Cooke
Peter and Penny Crittle
Tony Daniels and Christine Savage
Roger and Joanna Davenport
Ed and Keisha Domanskis
Tessa de Mestre
Shae Dixon
Nick Duke
Frances Duke
Felicity Duke
Iona Duke
Susie Evetts
Patrick and Rosie Findlater
Johnny and Victoria Findlater
Francis and Lies Frost
Sue Flegg
Bay Jervis
Chris and Di Gibb
Christopher and Nancy Gault
Adrian and Audrey Gale
Patrick Kelburn (Earl of Glasgow)
Glen Oxton
Elizabeth and Edgar Granville (Lord and Lady Granville)
Julia Grassik
Carrie Greenaway
Denise Hay
Ian and Erica Hay
John and Kathy Hatgis (John died 1999)
Nick and Jess Holmes
Ruth Howard (Stevens) (died 2010)
Rev David Henley
Hilary Heilbron
Nick and Naomi Hewitt
Margaret Hilliard
Bruce Harris
Simon and Georgina Hornby
Patrick and Gabbie Hungerford
Laura Indovina
Steve and Anne James
Richard and Rosie Jenks (died 2005 and 2006)
Arthur Johnson
Jo Johns
Bay Jervis
Dorothea, Viscountess Kelburn (died 2004)
Harry and Jenny Kacic (Jenny died 1999)
Kuang Shilin
Jan Kronstrom
Fredrik Kronstrom
Jeremy and Paula Lawford
Vincent and Margaret Lawford
Mike and Penny Lawford
Vijaya Laxmi
David and Caroline Lentaigne
Adam and Rebecca Longworth
John and Caroline Lushington (John died 1994)
Maggie Lawrance (now John)
Frank and Constance Ledwith (died)
Dr Maggie Li
Sandii Lloyd
Marilyn Luther
Jill Levine
Richard and Jane Lovell
Sally and Rory Macpherson (Sally died 2012)
Bibi de Malmanche
Yumiko Matsui
Reina-Maria van Pallant (May)
Patricia Mayne (died 2009)
Will and B'lin Martin
Tommy and Pushie Mann
Peter and Judy Mason
Andrew and Susie Main
David Mallett
Nick and Mel Meredith-Hardy
Lady Judy Goring (died 1995)
Nichola Martin
Nikki Masters
Yumiko Matsui
Jane and Jim Munro
Simon Martyn
Ian and Jane McCormick
Jane and Geraldine Onslow
Prosper and Collette Othon
Kate O'Brien
Geoffrey and Georgina Phillips
Val Pile
Pattrichard Promprovat
Anthony and Pauline Provest
Michael and Shiela Profitt
Mary and Anthony Pugh
Jock and Sue Russell
Wayne and Radhika Robertson
Jan Ritchie
Lisbet Reininger
Adm Sir Patrick and Lady Za Rowe
Geoffrey Roome
Theo Ramos
Arthur and Sonia Sparks (Arthur died 2007)
Annie May Spawton 
Geoff Spawton
Richard and Avril Shaw
Anna Stahlberg
Alexandra Stahlberg
Charlie and Lucie Skipwith
Ricky and Annie Skipwith (Ricky died 2014)
Moto and Nagako Sugiura
Ernie and Sylvia Stiles (Ernie died 2014)
Tom and Marney-Jane Swan
Lincoln and Tish Seligman
Richard Smith
Andrew and Lucy Smith
Steven and Elizabeth Smith
Kumar and Hema Subramanian
Anand and Ranjini Subramanian
Henry Togna
Julian and Tessa Tregonning
John and Diana Trew
Terry and Sandra Porter
Charles Tilbury
Cmdr Nicholas and Michelle Waldemar Brown
Andrew and Caroline Ward
Mel and Patience Watson (Mel died 2002)
Andrew Watson
Philip and Roswitha Wetton
Renate Wintersteiger
Reinhard and Jutta Wintersteiger
Heinz Wintersteiger
Edward Woodham-Smith
Pip Wiggins (died 2009)
Giles Wingate-Saul
Rossi White
Wilson Wong
Jan Wein
'Venky' and Lakshmi Venkitesewaran (Venky died 2013)
Ling Zhou

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