Thursday, September 11, 2008

Luxmoore Family History

Annette Pugh and Arthur Luxmoore's wedding at Litchfield on 20th March 1935. Photo taken in the garden at Dunley.

Left to right: Katie Luxmoore, James (Jimmie) Pugh, Launcelot Luxmoore (Arhur's father), Nanny (to the Pugh children), Coryndon Luxmoore (Arthur's brother and best man), Constance Luxmoore (Arthur's mother), Arthur Noble Luxmoore, Annette Rosemary Pugh, Archie Pugh, Auriol Powell Edwards, Hubert Luxmoore, Nina (Lady Herbert), Sir Alfred Herbert, Ivor Pugh, Imogen Precott. In font: David Pugh and Michael Pugh.

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The Luxmoore family - originally Luk's or Luke's Moor - originated in Devon, on the western side of Dartmoor. Henry Luxmoore (born 1695) and his immediate descendants lived at Oakhampton where they held the living.

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