Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Family in New York July 2012

Edward, Boodle, Charlotte, Prue, Thomas, Milly and Marijke. Photo Herry
Edward and Marijke took an apartment in New York in July 2012 with Charlotte and Milly, and most the rest of the family joined them for part of the time. As before, sadly Radha and Kei couldn't be there too, but a good time was had visiting MOMA and numerous other attractions including the 9/11 site. Edward and Boodle competed with each other to see how many places each could visit on Foursquare. It was however very hot, almost 40C on some days, and Prue became ill and had to go to hospital, which was a great worry. And I flew home just ahead of a giant thunderstorm. However, all was well in the end and Edward and the family ended with a great holiday in Mexico.