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Edward Lawford 1787 - 1864

Edward Lawford as Clerk to the Drapers' Livery Company by Pickersgill

Edward Lawford at Eden Park c1842 - possibly by Udon Upton Eddis

Edward Lawford (1787 - 1864) was Clerk to the Drapers' Company as well as Solicitor to the East India Company. He amassed a large fortune and rented a fine house, Eden Park, which stood in 300 acres at Beckenham in Kent. The house was commented on appreciately by Pevsner in his 'Houses of England'.

Edward moved to Switzerland in 1854 and died there, being buried at Vevey.

Edward had four sons; Henry became Solicitor to the Drapers' Company and practiced as 'Lawford, Waterhouse and Lawford' in Austin Friars. Charles became a clergyman, Melville a cavary officer and diarist• and Henry Baring, who became a High Court judge in Bengal. Amy Lawford married the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Coleridge. Photos of the family can be seen here

* see here for an example of Melville's Diary report on his visit to Wales as a schoolboy at Eton

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