Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Family at Old Swan House Post-Christmas 2014

The family came together at Old Swan House post Christmas (with the exception of Radha, and Ayako who was in London) from 26th to 30th December 2014. We all stayed at the house (with the exception of Prue and Thomas who stayed at the Greyhound, and Herry had two nights at The White Hart), filling all the corners (and beds) for the first time and eating most of our meals there. It was very cold - (-4C in the mornings) and we kept the fire alight all day.  There was ice on the pond, which got spectacularly broken on the last morning.

The family went up to London on Saturday 28th December and met up with Kei and had lunch at Harvey Nicks

Kei, Thomas, Marijke, Millie, Prue, Char and Edward at Harvey Nicks

Edward, Thomas, Felicity, Johnny, Christien, Prue and Abe. Boodle and Will behind. 
We held a party on Sunday 29th evening for some close friends: Belin and Will Martin, Nichola, Johnny and Henrietta *Cooke, Jay-Jay and Andrew* Kinnear, Felicity and Abe Gibbs, Denise and Christien Hay, and Ian and Jane McCormick* and Oli Stevens came with Kei.  Carol and Oli Bowhill and Ian Wilson-Young couldn't come. Charlie Skipwith was in France following Lucie's funeral, as was Geoff Spawton in Wales following Annie's demise. *Couldn't come

Boodle, Prue, Herry, Edward, Marijke, Thomas, Char and Millie on Beacon Hill with Stocks and Harvestgate in the valley below Old Winchester Hill behind. Taken with a self stick!
We visited Stocks and Harvestgate and had lunch in the White Horse in Droxford, and went into Winchester. Of course we went round the shops in Stockbridge too.

Edward, Thomas, Char, Prue, Boodle, Millie, Marijke and Zoe outside King's Head House

On Tuesday night we had dinner at the Greyhound (where Prue and Thomas were staying).

The family left for Paris on 30th December morning, in a very sharp frost. 

Thomas, Edward, Marijke, Prue, Char, Zoe and Boodle breaking ice on the pond

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