Saturday, July 11, 2015

Herry's 70th Birthday Party

The party and guests

Herry's 70th birthday lunch was held at Old Swan House on Saturday 11th July 2015. 70 people came - about 20 family including all four children, and Prue and Thomas, but not Marijke and the girls as they had been at Christmas. Fortunately it was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed themselves. Charlie Skipwith spoke for Herry and Herry in turn recalled absent friends. There was music from Do.It and catering was by John Robinson (with fish from Ashley Major at Thyme & Tides). Belin Martin did the flowers.

The photo was taken by Robert Wu and included almost everyone who came, and Herry's neighbour Guy Boney as Lord of the Manor, also spoke for Herry.

For photos; click here

The guest list / seating plan was as follows (X indicates people who could't come)

Kei and Oli
Boodle and Siobhan
Prue and Thomas
Fuff and Lucy Luxmoore
Piers and Margaret Lawford
Mhairi Lawford X
Patrick and Rosie Findlater
Loveday and Robert Hutton
Antonia and John Price
Vicky Chapman

Will and B'lin Martin
Charlie Skipwith
DeniseHay, Sim Hay
Maggie N-S and Kevin Stratford
Penny Lawford X
Philip and Roswitha Wetton
Johnny and Henrietta Cooke
Nichola Martin
Frances Duke X
Annick Richardson
Nora Bentick
Simon Morse
Pru Pleydell-Bouverie
Bibi de Malmanche
Henry Togna
David and Lizzie Mallet X
Annie Skipwith
Joanna and Roger Davenport
Chao Wu and Nigel Carden
Tessa de Mestre
Guy and Jean Boney
Sally Milligan
Nicolette Read
Robin Colenso and Chrissie Quayle
Nigel and Maris Melville
Peter and Helen Hughes X
Cecilia Lloyd
John Kay and Hazel Cormack
Norman and Sylvia Haymes
Steve and Anne James
Francis & Lies Frost
Tom and Imo Birch Reynardson X
John and Vronney Collard
Julian and Quenelda Avery  X
Giles Wingate-Saul
Kumar and Hema Subramanian
John and Chris Windle X
Christien and Christina Hay, (Max)
Jol Hay, Liv Brocklebank (Tilly, Charlie)
Robert Wu

1.  Herry, Ayako, Prue, Thomas, Charlie, Belin, Will, Johnny, Henrietta, Vicky (Stocks and Harvestgate) 

2.  Radha, Edward, Boodle, Siobhan, Kei, Oli, Nichola, Tessa, Christien, Christina  (Max) (Harvestagte)

3.  Fuff, Lucy, Piers, Margaret, Antonia, John, Loveday, Robert, Patrick, Rosie, (Shouldham St ) 

4.  Henry, Bibi, Annick, Nora, Roger, Jo, Annie, Roswitha, Philip, Giles (Orangery) 

5.  Steve, Anne, Francis, Lies, Nigel, Chao, Kumar, Hema, Simon, Pru (International House) 

6. Cecilia, Hazel, John, Sylvia, Norman, Denise, Sim, Mags, Kevin, Vicky (Litchfield) 

7.  Robin, Chrissie, Guy, Jean, Nicolette, Sally, Nigel, Maria, John, Vronney (Stockbridge)

(8. Jol, Liv, Tilly, Charlie, Robert, Lilou)

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