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Ruth Stevens Howard 1910 - 2010

Ruth (on the right) and Annette aged about 10, with Annette's brother Ivor. Click on the heading for more photos from Ruth's family album

Ruth Howard (nee Pugh, later Stevens and finally Howard), was born in London in 1910. He father was Lewis Pugh Evans Pugh KC (1865 - 1940) who was born in Calcutta, educated at Winchester and Corpus, Oxford and was a Puisne Judge between 1910-1914. Ruth's mother was Emily Ada Sophia Chaplin ('Loll') (1867-1953). Ruth was brought up in Wales with her brother Griffith and four sisters, Veronica, Gwladys, Phyllis and Roasmunde, and was very close to my mother Annette (born in Darjeeling in 1911), her first cousin. Click here for some early reminicences about Ruth and also my mother Annette

She married Capt Barry Stevens DSO, DSC, RN and lived at the Manor House Warnford, close to Stocks Farm. Barry Stevens had been married before and had two daughters, Sarah and Biddy. Together they had Auriol. Later, they moved to Little Green, Bishops' Waltham and Ruth became was a part-time marriage guidance counsellor. She was always a wise and wonderful woman.

Ruth and Barry Stevens's house at Warnford

Herry went his first 'proper' dance there when he was about twelve. In 1960, Ruth drove Herry to stay the summer with Tante Lily in Aurillac.

John Howard and Ruth at the Manor House, Meonstoke

Barry died and Ruth married again, to John Howard, who's family had a large timber business outside Southampton. They lived at the Manor House, Meonstoke, which was once part of the same estate as Stocks.

The Manor House, Meonstoke

A few years before John died, when the house and garden  had become too much for them, they moved into Winchester. When John died, she moved to her house in Chelsea, at No 8 Hasker St (off Walton St).

After Annette died in 1998, my father Patrick and Ruth became close companions and often visited each other and travelled together.

In her last years, Ruth lived in a home near her daughter Auriol at Wivenhoe and died there in October 2010, two months short of her 100th birthday.

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