Friday, January 06, 2012

Family Christmas in Australia 2011

The Family at Christmas 2011 - Sitting: Prue, Charlotte, Milly, Marijke, Beatrice Allez (Watson).
Standing: Rebecca and Nathan Siemsgluess, Charles (Boodle / Barley), Radha, Thomas Siemsgluess, Christian, Herry, Connie Fung, Edward. (Photo by Fung with Edward's Sony).

The family came together again for Christmas 2011 at Prue's house in Sydney, though sadly Kei and Ayako had to remain in London.

The Family at Darling Harbour 23rd December 2011 (except Radha)

On Boxing Day (26th) we decamped to the Gold Coast where Prue had rented a huge waterside villa at Surfers Paradise and a happy week was spent there and at theme parks, playing golf, swimming and sightseeing. And on 28th December we travelled to Peter Crittle's house at Crabbes Creek to spend a day with his family. Peter is my ex-brother-in-law as he was married to Prue's sister Penny, who sadly died in 2004.

The Crittle Family at Crabbes Creek House on 28th December 2011. Left to right: Jarrod with baby Kiai, Radha, Jamie, Barley / Boodle, Ben's father, Thomas Siemsgluess, Hamish, Herry (partly obscured) Frog, Ben, Prue, Peter Crittle, Catrina Lake, Kizzy, Rebecca, Marijke, Tara, Edward, Nathan Siemsgluess, ?
In the Sully: Alex, Samantha, Sashie, D'Arcy, Charlotte, Milly
Photo by Edward on his Sony