Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Herry's European Tour 1967

In the summer of 1967 after leaving university and before starting work at Millers, Herry travelled through Europe with the original intention of visiting Roger Allen, an old friend of his parents' who was then ambassador to Turkey. Taking only £25, which was the maximum one was allowed to take out of the country in those days, he drove from Calais through France, Germany and Italy to Corfu. In Florence he stayed for three weeks while his car was repaired after an accident, and where his mother's goddaughter Madelaine Rampling lent him her flat (she had been helping clear up after the great flood of 1966). There he was joined by Charlie Skipwith who was then working in Bordeaux, and his new girlfriend Lucie. Johnny Cooke also drove out from England with Annabelle Coldstream and Tim Boycott joined them with Lu Handcock. Herry actually met Lucie for the first time in Charlie's tent in a wood outside Livorno. It was the shooting season and we spend all day keeping our heads down. Charlie and Lucie were married in Droxford in 1969.

Herry and Charlie in Florence
Therafter Herry drove on to Brindisi and crossed to Corfu, where he stayed at a youth hostel for a month, donating several Rolling Stones 45s to the local disco. Meeting Ed Domanskis there, they dove up via Thessaloniki through Yugoslavia to Trieste where Ed took off for Lithuania, his parents' original home. Herry stayed with his old nanny Marie Therese and her husband Lucien at Cap d'Ail before reaching Bordeaux and staying with Charlie (where his car was broken into and his by now rather smelly old clothes, stolen). He returned to England in September, to begin work at Millers on 2nd October 1967

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  1. Herry dont forget that Tim Boycott was around with Johnnie Cooke and Lu when we all met up on the beach at Livorno (Leghorn). That was at the same time that the shooting season opened and, to safeguard our lives, we remained 'tent-bound' for a day or two.