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The Family at New Year 2008/9

Lisheen Castle - James, Neil, Prue, Barley, Thomas, Rebecca, Herry, Ayako, Nathan, Radha, Kei, Edward and Milly. Marijke taking the photo and Charlotte missing.

The whole family last got together for Christmas and New Year in Sydney in 2003 and again in 2006. In 2007 Herry, Ayako and Kei went to Seville but in 2008, the family again came together, first in Hamburg and then the full team including Thomas's children Nathan and Rebecca, had week together at Lisheen Castle in Ireland .

Thereafter, all except Prue and Thomas and his children came back to London and held a 'Lawford Gathering' in Hampshire to meet as many old friends as could be found. About 45 people came to a lunch at the Upland Park Hotel, Droxford including family, godparents*, friends and their children and grandchildren. Prue was present via a Skype video link

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The full guestlist was:

Radha and Neil Macpherson
Edward, Marijke, Charlotte and Milly Lawford
Charles Lawford
Kei Lawford
Herry Lawford

Fuff and Lucy Luxmoore
Piers and Margaret Lawford and Mhairi
Justin and Imo Luxmoore and Kezzie, Chiara and Ben
Coryndon and Charmaine Luxmoore and Sinead
Charlie* and Lucie Skipwith
Nick* Duke and Felicity
B'lin* and Will Martin
Annie* and Geoff Spawton (May)
Sally Macpherson* and Ian and Olivia Wilson-Young
Carol Bowhill* and Lindsay
Ian and Erica Hay
Penny Lawford
Sam and Tim Hadaway and Jessica, Georgina and Oliver
Naomi and Nick Hewitt and Freddy
Rebecca and Adam Longworth and Elsa
Sophie and Charlie White and Joshua, Florence, and Dominic
Toby and Gina Bowhill and India, Freddie and Coco
Georgie and Simon Hornby
Oli Bowhill
Alissa Skipwith
*Nichola Martin
Christien Hay

*B'lin Martin is Radha's godmother
Nick Duke is Radha's godfather
Charlie Skipwith is Edward's godfather
Annie May is Edward's godmother
Sally Macpherson is Boodle's godmother
(Barry Bowhill is Boodle's godfather)
Nichola Martin is Kei's godmother and also Herry's goddaughter

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