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The Family at School in Australia 1983-1995

January 1983 Ascham
1988 left Ascham
1989 Frensham
1991 left Frensham
School number '91'
Produced 'Bucket' for local community radio with Bronnie Howard and two boys from a local school James and Keith
Interviewed Tony Daniels and Andrew Denton
Bronwyn Howard
Pandora Chippendale
Kate Farnsworth
Belinda Nesbitt
Trish Nolan


1983 Scotts
1885 Cranbrook Junior School
1988 Cranbrook
1993 left Cranbrook
1994 Macquarie University (Computer Science)
1995 Left Macquarie


January 1983 Wee Care Kindergarden
1884 Double Bay Public
1985 Mosman Infants
1986 Cranbrook Junior School
1989 Cranbrook
1995 Left Cranbrook

Each of the children worked part time at the Macdonalds in Cremorne during their school holidays.

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