Sunday, January 18, 2009

An Excerpt from Ruth Pugh's Memories of her Childhood

One Christmas during the declaration* of war was spent in Uncle Archie and Aunt Nina's house Cwm Coedwig* & was very jolly. Nearly twenty children all first cousins must have gathered in this hospitable house. Saunders & nanny Howard were in change in the nursery * they were great friends. Nanny Howard [was] tall & thin with a very quite * & nanny Saunders round* rosy* & very forceful as she had had to be.
Ruth & cousin Annette who were to remain friends all their lives would argue with each other as to whose nanny was the best.

Annette had a pony called Creamy & was made to share it with Ruth. Uncle Archie would take his * small sons out to the local hunt. Griffith went too & either Annette or Ruth depending on whose turn it was. As the winter dusk fell the long hack home had to be done with pain & grief saddle sores & aching limbs to* the* blowing of horns* * * & good but the horses & ponies had to be put away rubbed down {20} & fed first.
Carols would be sung in the evenings. Aunt Nina played the piano & everyone danced Sir Roger de Coverly up & down the Hall which was decorated with fir & holly. It was an occasion for the little girls to wear frilly dresses & sashes Annette’s brother Archie gave Ruth a kiss behind the nursery door.

Ruth Pugh - later Stevens and Howard - from a brief memoir written in the early 1990s'. Click the heading for the full memoir