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The Family in Sydney

27 Mosman St 27 Mosman St

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Prue and the children moved to Sydney in December 1982 and lived first at Waverley, Bronte before buying their house at 27 Mosman St in 1984. In 2004 Prue (and Charles) moved to Park Avenue, Mosman

The children went to various schools between 1983 and 1995 including Ascham, Cranbrook and Frensham

On leaving Frensham, Radha worked at Bain & Co and in 1995 made her first visit to Amsterdam with her boyfriend George. They came to Herry's 50th birthday party at Stocks in June 1995.

Radha again visited Amsterdam and London in 1988

She suffered a stoke in November 2002 but miraculously recovered and in June 2004 married Neil Macpherson, but divorced in 2009.

The family had various holidays together - Noosa in the 80s; Boodle had hoidays in Corsica and Tunisia with Herry and Edward and Boodle visited Cyprus with Kei in 1992.

On leaving school, Edward went to Macquarie University in 1994 to study computer science but left after a year as 'they couldn't teach me what I wanted to know' and he joined a computer consultancy, ComTech in 1995. He worked at Comtech until 2001 when he joined Deutsche Bank as Security and Mobility Specialist, working for them in London from 2001-2003. In 2004 he returned to Australia, settled in Melbourne and married Marijke Fung in October 2005. In September 2006 Charlotte Lucy was born and in February 2008 Amelia Penny.

On leaving Cranbrook, Charles had a number of jobs in the hospitality industry before joining Harris Technology in 2001, followed by Hire Intelligence and in 2005, Dell.

The family have also had Christmas and New Year together - particularly in 2003, 2005, 20062008/9, 2011 and 2013 - and everyone came together for Herry's 70th in Stockbridge in July 2015

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