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Litchfield 1938 - 1946

Litchfield Manor during the war. Herry's bedroom was on the near corner. The window was broken by a bomb just after he was born.

Having completed his pupilage with Percy Bragg at Headbourne Worthy, Patrick was offered the Litchfield Estate by the then owner, Carey Druce (who lived in Switzerland). He came there in 1938 and married Catherine Stephenson in 1940. She died in December 1941. Patrick married Annette Luxmoore nee Pugh (who was living with her mother, Lady Herbert and step-father, at the neighbouring estate of Dunley) in 1944. Herry was born at Litchfield in 1945 and christened at Litchfield Church that September.

It was at Litchfield that Patrick became a a fine horseman and shot. Carey Druce gave him a pair of Holland & Holland Royals. His shooting book, which he kept for over 50 years, begins with entries here in 1943.

After completing his work at Litchfield, he and the family moved for a few months to Wadwick and then to Danegate at Eridge for Patrick to manage the Abergavenny Estate, before buying his own farm at Meonstoke, Stocks.

Litchfield played a large part in the lives of the family ever since, and the little church of St James the Less became the family church.

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