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Winchester College 1959-1964


Following St Ronan's, Herry went to Winchester from 1958 until 1964, in Phil's (Sergeant's) where Francis King was his housemaster. Although his father Patrick had been at Repton, his mother Annette's brothers were all at Winchester as was her father, and she went to St Swithun's.

Although a distant relation, Herry didn't get on with King, partly because of his (Herry's) eclectic reading tastes (Maupassant, Zola, Iris Murdoch) of which King (a devout man) did not approve. King also ran an appalling kitchen, the taste of some foods remaining with Herry to this day.... Herry's mother probably contributed inadvertently to the reading problem by maintaining an account for him at Harringtons in Parchment St and encouraging him to buy any books he liked - a practice which he later continued with his own children. She also supplemented his food rations by maintaining an account at Cullen's, a rather smart grocers in Jewry St, not far from Barclays Bank, where he used to have his cheques cashed by the beautiful Carol.

At Winchester, one was expected to play many hours of sport a week, which Herry enjoyed but he was no more than a useful footballer and cricketer (as he had been at St Ronan's), and being small until the age of 16, played an indifferent game of Winchester football. He was also cox of his house four and eight. However, as with his father Patrick, his best sport was long distance running ('tolling') and he became school captain (making his nickname at St Ronan's the more prescient). However, he lost the senior steeplechase of 1963 in spectacular fashion, after leading throughout. Thinking he'd won, he slowed up a few yards from the tape and was passed by Simon Beloe....

In 1961 the school put on a splendid Masque to celebrate the opening of the New Hall. It was written and produced by the dons, particularly by Ronnie Hamilton, Michael Burchnall and Colin Badcock. The programme can be seen here

Herry was keen on the corps (CCF) which led him naturally to join the TA later.

Herry made a few good friends at Winchester, his closest probably being David Mallet, who had his own pop group while still at school. Herry used to go and stay with him in the holidays at his parents' house (Sir Victor and Peggy's) at Wittersham and once they drove up to Liverpool together to see the Beatles (they weren't on, but they did see the Cavern). Another close friend was Nils Pherson, a noted musician, whose family lived on Sleepers' Hill and who were wonderfully hospitable. In his last summer term, they would allow Herry to park a car in their drive, to be used discreetly when we wanted to go out somewhere - mainly to Old Winchester Hill for picnics.

Click the heading to see some more photos from his time at Winchester and some modern ones here
Here too for the Winchester College Society 50 Years On Dinner at which Herry was happy to see old friends such as Angus Maclay and (Sir) Roger Vickers and well as David Mallet.

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