Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lawford Lunch at the Drapers' Hall 2014

The Lawfords at Drapers' Hall 2014 Click to enlarge. For names, see below

A fine lunch was arranged at the Drapers' Hall on 28th April 2014 for 30 descendants of Samuel Lawford (1739 - 1835).

Penny Fussell, the Archivist, gave a talk on the Company and a tour of the Hall. Jeremy Lawford talked about the Lawford family history and Nigel Lawford about the family's long links with the Drapers' Company, beginning in with Valentine Lawford, who was Master in 1775.

Herry brought along a portrait of Edward Lawford, who worked at the Drapers' Hall for over 50 years as Clerk and Solicitor to the East India Company.

Edward Lawford 1787 - 1864)
Around that time the family members of the Company included four lawyers, two bankers and two stockbrokers and it continued to provide many members of the Company (at one time 26) for the next hundred years or so. See also The Drapers' Livery Company here 

Jeremy Lawford gave a fine overview of the family's known history beginning with Robert Lawford of Co. Warwick, Gent and laying to rest the epithet most often associated with Edward Lawford (above). He has published a number of detailed papers on different aspects of the family's history. See also Lawford Family History here

Those attending the lunch are shown in the photo above:

The cousins assembled - L to R:         
Sylvia Colbeck (Nigel's sister)
Nigel Lawford
Mark Lawford (Nigel's son)
Louise Lawford (Mark’s wife)
Philip Lawford
Simon Martyn
Roshni Russell
Fiona Waugh
Marcus Price (Nigel's nephew)
Mary Findlater
Simon Colbeck (Sylvia’s husband)
Patrick Findlater
Paula Lawford
Jeremy Lawford
Giles Russell                                         
Paddy Cottam                                                      
Anne Lawford                                                     
Mike Lawford                                                            
Richard Maxwell-Lawford                                   
Mary Maxwell-Lawford                                                                      
Piers Lawford                                                       
Helena Maxwell-Lawford                                               
Vincent Lawford                                                                                                                                               Nicholas Maxwell-Lawford                                          
Dierdre Quinn                                                                        
Herry Lawford                                                      
Margaret Lawford                                                   
Rosie Findlater (hidden)
Missing: Andrew Lawford

Charles Tilbury                                                 

The lunch coincided with the 60th anniversary of the Golden Wedding of my grandparents, Capt VA Lawford and his wife Jane

Grandparents' Golden Wedding at Quickley June 1953 
Back row: Denys, Valentine, Vincent, Paddy Cottam, Adrian, Patrick, Jeremy. Sitting: Daphne, Sylvia Findlater, Grandfather Vincent, Grandmother Jane, Peggy, Annette. In Front: Piers, Herry, Michael, John Findlater, Patrick Findlater, Fuff (Luxmoore). Quentin and Mary Findlater were both absent
The photo below is of the family who attended from that event

Back row: Piers, Michael, Vincent, Jeremy and Herry
Seated: Mary Findlater, Paddy Cottam and Patrick Findlater
(John Findlater was not well enough to attend)

Additional photos of the lunch can be seen here.