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Sir Arundel Tagg Arundel 1843 - 1922

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Sir Arundel Tagg Arundel KCSI, CIE, (1843-1929) was my maternal great-grandfather. Arundel had a son and two daughters, Violet (known as Vi, who married Evelyn Norie) and Marion Fraser (known as Nina), who was my grandmother.

Sir Arundel Tagg Arundel, K.C.S.I, was the second son of William Tagg, Esq, (1808 - 1881) and Rachel Mary Drew (died 1889), daughter of Samuel Drew, Esq. Samuel Drew was born on June 4th 1838, Beatrice on April 14th 1841, Arundel on July 1st 1843 and Emily-Mary born Sept 4th 1848.

Arundel was educated at University College School and at University College, London (B.A. London 1863); and married Catherine Helen Sim (1853 - 1933), eldest daughter of the James Duncan Sim, Esq., C.S.L, Madras Civil Service. Arundel entered the Indian Civil Service in 1865. In 1870 he assumed the surname of Arundel (instead of Tagg - the family regularly seemed to have swopped between the two names, Arundel being a maternal name) and was appointed Private Secretary to the Acting Governor of Madras in 1875. In 1880 he became President of the Madras Municipal Commission and a Fellow of Madras University. In 1885 he was District and Sessions Judge at Kistna, India, Collector and Magistrate there in 1887, a Member of the Board of Revenue 1892; M.L.C. Madras 1894 ; Secretary to the Madras Government in the Revenue Department 1896, Chief Secretary 1897, and a Member of the Council 1898. He was a Member of the Council of the Governor-Gen. of India 1901- 6 (then Sir Andrew Fraser), and in 1906 Chairman of a Committee of four Members of the Executive Council to consider Lord Minto's proposed reforms; jointly recommended a Council of Ruling Chiefs and Legislative Councils and, with one other Member, that an Indian should be admitted to the Executive Council. He was a J.P. for Surrey and lived at Glebefields, Edgeborough Road, Guildford.

Arundel and his wife Catherine Helen are buried at St James' Church, Abinger Common, and his gravestone records:

Sacred to the memory of Sir Arundel Tagg Arundel
Born 1st July 1843
Died at Guildford 8th November 1925
"In thy presence is fullness of joy" (Psalm 16:11)
And of Catherine Helen his wife
Born 18th May 1853. Died 23rd May 1933

Nina married my grandfather, Col Archie Pugh in Calcutta in 1904. Their wedding photo is below:

Standing: Uncle Norrie Roland, Uncle Lewis Pugh, Grandfather Lewis Pugh Evans Pugh, Attorney-General of Bengal ('Puff-Puff'), Lt-Col Archie Pugh (Annette's father), Sir Arundel Tagg Arundel, Lord Curzon's Home Member (Annette's maternal grandfather), two uncles
Sitting: Aunt Marjorie, Auntie Vi Norie (Nina's sister), Grandmother Lady Arundel, 'Nina' (Marion Fraser) Arundel, Annette's mother), Welsh Grannie (wife of 'Puff-Puff'), Unknown
At foot - Nancy Stevenson Moore

The witnesses were Lord Curzon, the Viceroy and Sir Andrew Fraser, the Govenor-General. For a report on the wedding from the Indian press, see the local press.

Another descendant of the Arundel family writes:

I note your well constructed family website...well done!
I'm John Travers Arundel (b. 17/03/1944), a descendent of the Samuel Drew (Arundel) (b. 04/06/1838) line.  SDA was an older brother of your Arundel Tagg (b.01/07/1843).
According to my records, the trace of siblings affecting me is:
*  William (1834-1839); Arundell (1835-1840); Mary (1837-1837); Samuel Drew (1838-1892) [my G.grandfather]; Beatrice (1841-??); Arundell Tagg (1843-1929); Emily Mary (1848-1874); Edward William (1860-1922).  [Apparently, Beatrice married and lived for some years in India; and Edward worked for some years there.]
*  My grandfather, Samuel Arthur Arundel, was the second of eight children to Samuel Drew Arundel.  SAA, an engineer, came to Australia, finishing up at Ipswich, Queensland.  He had four children, Eileen, Margaret,  Arthur Travers, and James. 
*  My father Travers Arundel  had three sons, Richard (1933-), Edward (1935-) and John (1944-)...[that's me].
*  I have three daughters: Sarah  (1974-), Megan (1979-) and Lucinda (1981-); and two grandchildren, Emma (2008) and Zack (2012).

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