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Herry's Wedding to Prue in Sydney 1971

Herry and Prue's Wedding

Herry and Prue Watson married on 18th December 1971 at St Peter's, Watson's Bay, Sydney, with the reception held at Somerset, Prue's home in Vaucluse. Prue was given away by her father, Mel. Nick Duke was my best man, and Peter Crittle (Prue's brother in law) gave the toast to the bridesmaids - a virtuoso speech which had the company in fits of laughter. Herry's parents came out from England for the wedding, taking the 'Galileo' from Genoa to Melbourne and then flying up. Others from England included Charlie and Lucie Skipwith, who were then running a restaurant in Melbourne, and Frances Duke (then married to Arthur Johnson).

The honeymoon was spent at Mel's house on the beach at Surfers' Paradise (long ago sold for development) and later at Castaway Island, Fiji and Hawaii (where Herry left his new Guccis outside their room to be cleaned (as was common in Europe) and they naturally disappeared....

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Wadwick House 1946

Wadwick was part of the Dunley Estate which Sir Alfred Herbert, my step-grandfather, owned near Whitchurch.

Although I had no knowledge of it, being only one, the family lived there for a few months in 1946 between Litchfield Manor and Danegate. Some photos from that time can be seen here

After Sir Alfred died in 1957 ‘Granny’ (Lady Herbert, nee Nina Arundel, later Pugh) moved Dunley Manor to Wadwick House, which had become the 'dower house". The rest of the Dunley Estate was sold to Sir Brian Mountain of Eagle Star.

She took with her as her housekeeper, the strict Scotswoman from Dunley, Mackenzie, and some other servants, but I best remember the two cheerful Sicilian nurses, Maria and Concita, who looked after her for many years when she was bedridden by a stroke. She was a Christian Scientist and declined to see doctors.

My mother Annette used to drive to see her from Stocks every week, and I used to go along too and play in the garden or around the house, which is bigger than it looks in photos as it stretches back a long way. There was a baby grand piano which my mother used to play (and which came to Stocks after Granny died and which Piers now has). I used to be fascinated by a plaque on her writing desk which thanked Sir Alfred Herbert from the government for the gift of ‘One Spitfire Fighter’ during the war.

Sadly, Granny died without really regaining her faculties. We sold the house in the early 1970s for £10,000! Rather sad as it’s a perfect country pad and now with the M3 nearby, not so far from London - but it seemed a lot of money then…

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The Three Musketeers

Sadly I don't have many photos of us from the early days , but this one has some interesting features, particularly the girls - Penny Hitchcock, Frances Duke and Sally Farmiloe. The boys are 'the three musketeers' - Herry, Charlie Skipwith and Nick Duke. We were going to a party at an hotel in Southampton on 6th August 1966.

Here we were actually dressed as musteteers at Sally Farmiloe's 18th - Herry, can't recall and Nick Duke

Nick Duke's Stag party at Cobbetts 11th April 1974

Nick Duke, Charlie Skipwith, Andrew Ward, Ian Hay, Mike Lawford and Will Martin. Herry took the photo in Botley Square sometime after midnight

This photo was taken at Naomi Skipwith's wedding in June 1999 when the three musketeers and at least one of the original girls - Frances - were together again. Frances was the 'original cause' of my meeting Prue, leading to our wedding and subsequent Australian history.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

The Summer of 1967

My parents, brothers and friends having tea in the bottom of the swimming pool at Stocks in October 1967

Left to right: Tim Hancock, Belinda Martin, Cilla Clempson, Tim's sister Deidre, Annette (with Justin in her arms), Mike Lawford (probably - back to the camera), Annie Skipwith, Patrick, Belinda Luxmoore (kneeling), Jess (in chair), Nick Duke, Ricky Skipwith, Fuff (or is it Piers?)

Charlie Skipwith was in Bordeaux at that time, otherwise he would certainly have been there...

I guess I was the photographer even then

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Southampton University 1964-1967

Chilworth Manor
Chilworth Manor. The upper bay window is of the room he shared with Julian Avery

Following Winchester, Herry went to Southampton University to read law. The professor of the relatively new law school was Prof Phillips whom his father Patrick had got to know when sitting on the Southampton Bench. It seemed a good idea; no exams to take to get in and only about 30 minutes from Stocks and Herry's childhood friends.

The transition was made the more smooth when Herry was allocated to the universtity's newest hall, Chilworth Manor, which had been acquired from the Willis-Flemings and which was a splendid old house surrounded by enormous grounds. Herry spent his first two years at university there. In his second year he shared a room with Julian Avery - the upper room with the bay window in the photo.....

Blue Hayes

In his final year, Herry took a cottage on the edge of the New Forest outside Romsey called 'Blue Hayes', which he shared with Julian Avery and Giles Wingate-Saul.

Herry was intending to join the bar, and used to go up to London regularly to eat his dinners at the Inner Temple. Indeed, he spent a good deal of his final year in London. During the summer, he wrote his 'thesis' on 'Homosexuality and the Law' - which was in an interesting issue at the time, and was fortunate in having it typed by Frances Duke.

Herry was a member of the 'Gentlemen of Wessex' cricket and dining club which which held a reunion dinner at the Royal Thames Yacht Club in 1996.

Reunions continue to be held between Herry, Julian Avery, Giles Wingate-Saul and John Collard at various London clubs - and Blue Hayes!

Law Faculty Reunion 27th October 2007

Professor Gabi Ganz
Professor Robert Grime
Councillor Alec Samuels
Professor John Wilson

Julian Avery
Patricia Burton
Christine Baty (nee Farley)
John Collard
Veronica Hamilton-Deeley
Robert Dyson
John Crawford
Ken Gulati
Gillian Impey (nee Hennah)
Christopher Impey
Robin James
Herry Lawford
David Mallinson
Tony Nicholson
Nigel Pugh
Noel Peck
Patrick Robertshaw
Marylin Ross (nee Stables)
Richard Smith
Kip Waistell
Giles Wingate-Saul

Unable to attend
Guy Bagnell
Chris Branston
David Campbell
Michael Collins
William Goff
Chris Holland
Michael Steele
Hugh Taylor
Michael Tinling

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Herry's Christening

Herry's christening at Litchfield on 26th Sept 1945. Annette, Patrick, Jane (Patrick's mother), Carey Druce, Granny (Lady Herbert) and Arthur Luxmoore's brother