Thursday, May 01, 2008

Family Entertainment

Annette learned the piano when young and played often, sometime accompanying her great friend Kitty Bulman while she sang her favourite arias. She also used to play for us at Christmas and other parties. We had a nursery rhyme song book from which we sang songs such as 'A Fox Went Out on a Starlight Night', 'The Frog and The Crow' and the rather awful 'What Have You Got For Dinner Mrs Bond?'. Fortunately, there were many gentler pieces too, such as 'I Saw Three Ships'.

The book had the most beautiful illustrations. In particular, the frog of the song was dressed in a beautiful pink dress with a golden cape while the crow was decidedly handsome in a back tailcoat. The 'dancers in yellow' were obviously the buttercups in the meadow, so that it was easy to imagine the poor frog being seduced.....

Click here to see pages from the book

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