Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Three Musketeers

Sadly I don't have many photos of us from the early days , but this one has some interesting features, particularly the girls - Penny Hitchcock, Frances Duke and Sally Farmiloe. The boys are 'the three musketeers' - Herry, Charlie Skipwith and Nick Duke. We were going to a party at an hotel in Southampton on 6th August 1966.

Here we were actually dressed as musteteers at Sally Farmiloe's 18th - Herry, can't recall and Nick Duke

Nick Duke's Stag party at Cobbetts 11th April 1974

Nick Duke, Charlie Skipwith, Andrew Ward, Ian Hay, Mike Lawford and Will Martin. Herry took the photo in Botley Square sometime after midnight

This photo was taken at Naomi Skipwith's wedding in June 1999 when the three musketeers and at least one of the original girls - Frances - were together again. Frances was the 'original cause' of my meeting Prue, leading to our wedding and subsequent Australian history.

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