Monday, April 27, 2009

The Peter Lawford Connection

Peter Lawford (1923 - 1984), the actor was the son of Sir Sydney Turing Bruce Lawford KCB (1865 - 1953) and May Sommerville Bunny. Sir Sydney's father was Thomas Acland Lawford of Kinnellan, Wimbledon Common (1816 - 1884), himself the the son of Samuel Lawford (1775 - 1865) of Blackheath, a banker. Samuel Lawford was my great-great grandfather.

Sydney Lawford was married twice, first in 1914 to Muriel Williams (daughter of Sir Hartley Williams) and then in 1925 to May Bunny. Peter was born in 1923, before her marriage to Sydney Lawford, which suggests that Sydney may not have been his father.

Peter married Patricia Kennedy, daughter Joseph Kennedy and sister of (later) President JF Kennedy at St Patrick's Cathedral, New York in 1954 and after divorce in 1966, he married Mary Ann Rowan (1971) and Patricia Seaton (1984).

Peter and Patricia had four children: Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Sydney (McKelvey), Victoria (Pender) and Robin.