Monday, August 06, 2018

The Hutton Window Comes to Litchfield

The West Screen at Coventry Cathedral by John Hutton
When Coventry Cathedral was built Sir Basil Spence, the architect, chose John Hutton to create the vast screen on the building's western end where it forms an open link between the ruins of the old Cathedral and the nave of the new one.  The screen is engraved with a translucent pattern of saints and flying angels which partly, but never entirely, obscures the view in either direction.

Sir Alfred Herbert was of course a generous benefactor to the new Cathedral (despite having argued for the old cathedral church of St Michael to be rebuilt) and although he died before it was completed, his widow, my grandmother, continued to take a great interest in the building and attended the Consecration in 1962. As a consequence, in due time the family received one of a limited edition (of 25) miniature windows engraved by John Hutton with one of the flying angels. 

This miniature window, sealed in aluminium, has spent some time at Old Swan House but has now been donated to Litchfield Church, to commemorate Sir Alfred Herbert and his family's links with both Coventry and Litchfield.

The Hutton Window at Old Swan House