Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Family at Christmas in Australia 2013

The family - with the exception of Ayako and Kei who stayed in London - came together again for Christmas at Prue's in Mosman and then spent a week in a house on the Gold Coast, as in 2011.

Nathan and Rebecca Siemsgluess, Charles 'Boodle' Lawford. Thomas Siemsgluess. Edward Lawford and Jarrett Costi
Seated: Prue Siemsgluess, Charlotte, Marijke, Zoe and Milly Lawford. Photo by Herry
The family on the Gold Coast with their nanny Laura from their early years
in Australia

Left to right: Rebecca, Nathan, Thomas, Prue, Charles (Boodle / Barley), Edward, Zoe, Milly, Marijke, Charlotte

Link to Family Christmas in Australia 2011