Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Swedish Connection

Apart from some eccentric cousins who lived in Wimbledon, the Baronesses Gwendolyn and Winifred Leyonhrufrud, Herry has no Swedish connections, but on one occasion, he possibly came close to acquiring some.

His senior partner's family [name not included to preserve their privacy] were friends of the Swedish Royal Family. Specifically the senior partner's father had become friends with the King and Queen of Sweden in the South of France and the relationship continued over many years.

In the summer of 1969, the senior partner asked Herry to come down to a dinner party he was giving at his home, Adwell, which he was glad to do, and he stayed the night. The guests at the dinner party were the King and Queen of Sweden, their daughter Christina, Princess Margaretha of Denmark and her husband John Ambler and Lord and Lady Carrington. There was probably another young man, but Herry can't remember him!

He sat next to Princess Christina at dinner and got on very well with her. He also found Lady Carrington very charming - on his other side. [One of the Carrington's daughters married Lord Ashcombe, Camilla's first cousin].

When back in his office a few days later, he had a phone call from Sweden. Unfortunately, he was out and his secretary took the call but said that the caller left no name or number. It's possible that it was Christina; he had given her his card......but that is just a young man's conjecture!