Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Overseas Friends

Herry was extremely fortunate in being able to travel widely from the early days of his work with Thomas Miller, first to Italy (to review some 'grain cases' which were due to heard in the Italian courts with the Genoa lawyers Mordiglia. There he met Aldo Mordiglia and his sons as well as )

Then to Yugoslavia with Bill Birch Reynardson (and often his wife Nik) to meet the shipowners, lawyers and insurers there.

His first contacts in Yugoslavia were with

Marin Kruzecevic (Zagreb)
Dr Hrvoje Kacic and his wife Jenny (Dubrovnik)
Dr Tomasic (Belgrade
Dr Zoran Radovic (Belgrade)
Tomo Badurina (and his wife Linda and son Berislav) (Zagreb)
Robert Stude (Zagreb)

Bare Terzic (Split)
Slobo Anicic (Split)

Peter Musladin (Dubrovnik)
Michel Dorcic (Rijeka)

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