Friday, February 29, 2008

Annual Dunley Teaparty

Notwithstanding the many changes effected and about to be made in the Poor Law world, one thing remains unchanged, and that is the kindness and generosity which has been bestowed upon the occupants of the "House on the Hill" by the residents of Dunley Manor. As far back as 1922 the late Lady Herbert invited the occupants of the House to Dunley, this invitation being repeated each year until 1930. Since Lady Herbert was called to her rest, Sir Alfred Herbert has given the annual treat to perpetuate the memory of Lady Herbert. Owing to the increase in the number of inmates the affair has taken place at the House, the women occupying the dining hall, and the kitchen being used as an annex for the men.

On Friday in last week loads of good things to eat were sent to the Institution, including meat pies and fancy cakes to numerous to mention. The meal was served under the direction of the Matron at 5 p.m. The walls of the dining hall were delightfully decorated with branches of beech, the tables strewn with beech leaves as decorations, with pot plants and palms having a place in the centre of the hall. After tea each woman was presented with a bag containing a jam sandwich, chocolate, pint jellies, an orange, necklace and handkerchief, while each man received a pipe, tobacco, cigarettes, orange, handkerchief, cake, fruit, sweets and chocolate.

After tea the Master telephoned the grateful thanks of all the inmates to Sir Alfred Herbert, who in response sent his best love, and expressed the hope that all would thoroughly enjoy themselves. From 6 o'clock to 8 the programme consisted of gramophone records and songs and character sketches by several of the inmates. After hearty cheers had been given for Sir Alfred Herbert, the singing of the National Anthem concluded a most happy and enjoyable evening.

Andover Advertiser - 75 Years Ago - Dunley Manor Generosity - Remembering The Way We Were - 18th November 1932

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